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72 Hours: Introduction

This is the introduction from my upcoming novel, 72 Hours, which will be released on November 1, 2011.  

My buddy Wally Stanovich fires frozen chickens at airplane windshields for a living.

That wasn’t his career goal in life.  We served together in the Navy, and not once did he tell me of a lifelong ambition to send subzero poultry crashing through aviation glass on a daily basis.  No, he got kicked out of the Navy after he popped positive on a drug test for marijuana.  He claims that it must have been the brownies that his girlfriend made, but I’m pretty sure that’s bullshit.

Anyway, he walks into this company called Skyward Technologies because he heard they needed a filing clerk.  They hired him, and he did that for three days.  On his lunch break on the third day, he was wandering through the testing floor, and overheard a group of engineers trying to figure out the best way to test airplane windshield’s ability to resist a goose impact.

Wally steps up, and tells them about this story he heard about the Japanese catapulting live chickens at Zero windshields to test them before battle in World War 2.  Total bullshit, and they knew that, but it got them thinking.  One thing led to another, and next thing you know?  Clock in, pull the lever, splat, good, time for lunch, pull the lever, crash, bad, clock out, home in time for Simpsons reruns.

The entire point is, you never know what’s going to happen.  I let myself forget that a lot can change in three days.  In seventy-two hours, Wally went from an unemployed pothead to a guy with arguably the most amazing job on the planet.  So I guess it’s not too surprising, at least in retrospect, how much happened in our seventy-two hours.

It certainly wasn’t what I had planned on happening.  But it happened, and I’m trying to make it work.



The countdown begins…

In fifty-three short days, my first novel, 72 Hours, will hit bookshelves.  In the time between now and then, I’m going to post the first six chapters in the hopes that you’ll be irrevocably hooked, and start throwing money at me in a desperate attempt to read more.  In addition, I will be posting links to short stories that I’ve written over the last few years.  Some feed directly into the world of my novel, while some are standalone works.

I would love to hear your thoughts on anything I write.  Positive, negative, random commentaries about my personal hygiene or rugged good looks (please don’t burst that particular bubble), bring it on.  You can comment here on the individual entries, or email me directly at


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